Abus Catena 685 Shadow Bike Lock


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This is not your childhood chain lock! The Abus Black Shadow is a flexible beast that will protect your bike without damaging the frame.

Its flexibility means the lock-chain combination is very convenient and offers many ways of locking bikes to stationary objects. A bike that is secured in this way cannot simply be picked up and carried away which is a big security advantage.

  • 6 mm square chain with fabric sleeve to prevent damage of the bicycle’s paintwork
  • The chain and the case are made of special hardened steelABUS automatic cylinder with user-friendly reversible key
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock
  • ABUS automatic cylinder with user-friendly reversible key
  • ABUS Security Level Rating: Extra Level 6
  • 29.5″ (75cm) or 43″ (110 cm)
  • Weight: 1.75lbs (29.5″) and 2lbs (43″)