Adams Folder 24 Trail-A-Bike

Is your kid growing up too fast? Are you both looking for a bit more adventure to share? Longer rides together? More diverse terrain? But still, you want to keep them close-by as you share the experience of exploring new paths and trails? Then it's time for you to have a look at the Adams Folder 24 Trail-A-Bike!

Like all of Adams' Trail-A-Bike models, the Folder 24 attaches to the seat post of the towing bicycle and articulates with the release of a simple quick-release for easy stow-and-go in your garage or the back of the minivan. But it's most unique asset is its larger diameter 24″ rear wheel, which is designed to better accommodate bigger bumps and bigger riders alike. Add to that a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, a fender, a bash-guard on the chainring, and easy compatibility with most adult-sized bicycles, and you're looking at a sturdy rig that's ready to handle any adventure you and your 7-10 year old child are ready to take on together!

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This product has been discontinued.