Adams Folding Tandem Trail-A-Bike

A trailer-cycle is a great way to bring your kid along with you when you head out for a ride, but what do you do when you have two kids who want to join you? Adams’ Trail-A-Bikes has solved that problem with a Folding Tandem Trail-A-Bike. So next time your kid wants to bring a friend, sibling, or cousin along on the next family cycling adventure, you’ll be prepared with the Folding Tandem.

With twice as many kids along, perhaps you will want to explore places far and wide. To make the ride easier for the young ones on the trailer-cycle, the Folding Tandem features a 7-speed drivetrain, which is operated by the rider on the trailer-cycle who is closest to the rear wheel of the towing bicycle. The Folding Tandem is also easy to fit to a range of kids with an adjustable stoker stem. As with the rest of the Adams’ Trail-A-Bike line, the Folding Tandem attaches to the seat posts of most 26″ and 700c wheeled lead bicycles with the easy-to-use seat post hitch system. True to its name, the Folding Tandem can be folded down with a simple quick release system for storage and transport. Meanwhile, the chainring guard protects the kiddos from chain grease and the safety flag keeps the whole gang visible while on the road. So why not enjoy twice as much fun with the Folding Tandem!

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This product has been discontinued.