Adams Trail-A-Bike Block Sleeve Hitch

The Block Sleeve Hitch set includes all of the pieces of the front portion of the full universal hitch assembly (from the Adam’s Trail-A-Bike Pin with Nut forward to the seat post) that you will need to install your Adam’s Trail-A-Bike on the seat post of your bicycle. The seat block assembly slides securely over the Hitch Sleeve Set that fits your seat post best to provide 4 times greater strength than the older model. The included shims fit seat posts from 25.4 – 35mm in diameter.

The block sleeve hitch set fits Adam’s Trail-A-Bike models from late 1998 to present. To retrofit an older model Adam’s Trail-A-Bike, you can use this block sleeve hitch set in conjunction with a Stepdown Block and 1st Knuckle.

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This product has been discontinued.