Arkel Rain Covers for XM-45 Panniers

Our detailed review is coming soon, but until then here is what the manufacturer has to say: A good rain cover will not only keep the contents dry but also protect the panniers against road grime when the rain is over but the road still wet. They are the first line of defense in rain and will keep the panniers underneath presentable for the walk for the occasional stay in a youth hostel. Our covers are made of ultra light 1.9 oz Silicon coated Ripstop Nylon so they are so small and lightweight that they’re easy to carry at all times, stuffed like a small lemon inside the pannier. It is peace of mind in a small package. Our XM-45 rain covers feature adjustable and elasticized drawstrings to contour the load, small or big. But furthermore the side mesh panels allow to stash a wet rain gear for the dripping without having to resort in putting wet items inside the dry panniers. Reflective stripes and bright yellow color guarantee the best visibility. Finally a piece of stretch fabric at the bottom of the cover acts as a drain hole to make sure that should water splash its way inside, it’ll get out as soon as possible and not make a pool inside the covers.

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This product has been discontinued.