Biologic Bike Mount for iPhone 3/3G/3GS

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Use your iPhone as a bike computer!

Attach your iPhone 3G/3GS to your bike’s handlebars for navigation, training, or just to obsessively track your GPS position, your speed, or distance traveled while you ride with GoogleMaps or the abundant other GPS apps for the iPhone.

Weatherproof with a welded touch sensitive membrane to completely protected your iPhone from weather, but the phone is fully functional while inside the case.

Silicone lining makes it shock resistant. Pivot the mount to either portrait or landscape mode. Take photos or shoot movies while you ride; the camera lens peeks out through a membrane-protected opening.

Fully compatible with the BioLogic ReeCharge.

Note: not compatible with iPhone 4. See: Biologic Bike Mount for iPhone 4

  • Weatherproof: welded touch-sensitive membrane prevents water ingress
  • 360 degree pivot: portrait or landscape mode, its your choice
  • Shock resistant: protective silicone lining inside the hard outer shell (Not recommended for off-road use)
  • Weather protected openings for camera, headphones and charge cable
  • Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPhone
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