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We recommend having a few extra pins with you for bike touring, for replacement when they are damaged or lost. It is also useful to have a few extra sets available around the house.

BOB Trailer Fork Pins come in three different types:

1999 & Older BOB Pin2000 & Newer BOB Pin2000 & Newer BOB Pin with Lanyard

The new pins (for 2000 BOB trailers & later) have a different shape that snaps onto the retaining rivet of the new BOB Trailer and hooks into the storage loops when not in use. The new pins are available with or without the rubber lanyard.

Pins for BOB trailers from before 2000 are also available. If you have an older BOB trailer but would like to use the new pin system, consider upgrading to a new BOB trailer fork (see at Bob Replacement Parts) which includes the new pin system, pin hooks, and a lighter and stronger design.

All BOB Ibex Trailer forks use the new style pin. Pre 2000 BOB Yak Trailers are silver while 2000 and later BOB Yak Trailers are black. The color of the BOB Yak can be used to help identify if you need the old or the new style pin. That said, BOB did produce the new style fork in silver for about 10 years, so it is possible to have a Pre 2000 silver BOB Yak with a new style fork.

Sold as a pair

  • Includes one pair of pins
  • Lanyard attachment on New Style Pins

5 years on frame and fork, 1 year on components.