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BOB QRs Rule The World.

The BOB Quick Release enables you to use a BOB trailer with virtually any bike with a rear quick release!

Need to figure out if you have a thru axle or quick release? Check out this video: Quick Release vs Through Axle

  • The 125mm to 140mm size will fit all standard road and mountain bike sizes.
  • The 145mm size fits the majority of tandem bicycles.
  • The 160mm size fits the Santana tandem bicycles. This 160mm BOB QR is designed to work with the Santana Fork.

(Please Note: Quick release sizes do not indicate the length of the skewer, rather they indicate the width of the bicycle’s rear hub that the quick release is being mounted to. This is a measurement of the outside edge to outside edge of the hubs outer nuts that interface with the bicycle frame’s dropouts.)


All BOB Quick Releases have reversible bushings for achieving a better fit with the BOB Trailer Fork.

Bob trailers can be attached to bicycles with wheel sizes between 20″ and 28″

Cargo capacity: 70 pounds (32 kilograms)


BOB QRRod Length: 165mm*Threaded Length: 32mmDropOut Inside Dimension: 126.5 – 140mm**Allowable Dropout Outside Dimension: 140 – 156mm

BOB 145 QRRod Length: 175mm*Threaded Length: 35mmDropOut Inside Dimension: 145mm**Allowable Dropout Outside Dimension: 145 – 164mm

BOB Santana QRRod Length: 190mm*Threaded Length: 30mmDropOut Inside Dimension: 160mm**Allowable Dropout Outside Dimension: 165 – 180mm

*Measurement is with QR lever in closed position**Dropout inside dimension (C) to measure the same as bicycle hubs axle over locknut dimensions


5 years on frame and fork, 1 year on components.