Burley 2-Wheel Stroller Kit


Get more maneuverability out of your Burley Child Trailer when you are walking in crowded, cramped spaces with a 2-Wheel Stroller Kit. The 2-Wheel Stroller Kit features two pivoting wheels, which make it much easier to navigate.

The stroller wheels can easily be installed on the existing trailer hardware, and they are compatible with 2007 model and newer d’Lite, Solo, Encore, Nomad, Flatbed, and Tailwagon trailers. Converting to bike trailer mode by removing the tow bar and installing the 2-Wheel Stroller Kit takes just about the same about of time as it takes to install the 1-Wheel Stroller Kit. The 2-Wheel Stroller Kit comes with a handy storage bag for keeping the stroller wheels safe when your trailer is in cycling or jogging mode.

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This product has been discontinued.