Burley Trailer Round Flex Connector and Safety Strap Kit

Burley recommends replacing your flex connector and safety strap every 5 years. The Round or Square Flex Connector/Safety Strap Kit includes everything you need to replenish your Burley Hitch. This kit includes the the flex connector, safety strap, the lock pin, and the bolt for attaching the trailer’s flex connector to the hitch arm. Only one flex connector/safety-strap kit is needed per trailer. The Round or Square Flex Connector is used to attach Burley’s Forged Hitch and Classic Hitch to a Burley Trailer with either round or square tongue hitch arm. Most 2007 and later trailers other than the Burley Nomad have the new square tongue. Pre-2007 trailers have the round tongue. Download the Burley Flex Connector and Safety Strap Kit Instruction Manual.

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This product has been discontinued.