Burley Travoy Bike Cargo Trailer

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The Burley Travoy is a great option for any cyclist whose landscape contains elevators, commuter trains, taxis, and bodegas. With accessories, the Urban Trailer Systemâ„¢ is not just your bike trailer; it’s your shopping cart, your messenger bag, and your briefcase.

The Travoy is quite flexible in offering a variety of load carrying configurations. The Travoy is designed to work with several combinations of Travoy specific upper and lower bags. Consider the Travoy Market Bags or the Travoy Transit Bags.

The included Travoy tote bag functions as both a lower bag for the Travoy and as a storage bag when the trailer is folded up. The Travoy neatly becomes the size of a briefcase when and not in use. Mix and match the upper and lower Travoy bags to suit your needs.

The Travoy is well suited to carry a variety of loads that do not fit in the Travoy bags, with the use of the Travoy Tie Down Straps (2 included with Travoy). The body of the Travoy is perfect for cradling all sorts of loads. A few loads that come to mind: a stack of boxes, golf clubs, a vaccuum, a pile of hand tools and a whole lot more….

The Travoy hitch mounts to your bicycle’s seat post. This may not be compatible with some rack-top bags or rear-mounting children’s bike seats.

Check out this cool Burley Travoy YouTube Video!

  • Conveniently detaches from bike in seconds so you can roll it indoors
  • Design provides excellent stability and maneuverability
  • Can be folded to fit inside briefcase-sized Travoy tote bag (included) for transport or storage
  • All upper and lower Travoy bags securely clip to the trailer for use in both walk-mode and bike-mode
  • Trailer mounting points also interface with the the Travoy Tie Down Straps (2 straps included with Travoy)
  • Cargo capacity: 60.0 lb / 27.3 kg
  • Trailer weight: 9.8 lb / 4.4 kg
  • Towbar height: 28-34 in / 71-86 cm
  • Folded size: (in) 21 x 18 x 8 (cm) 53.3 x 46.7 x 20.3
  • Wheel size: 11.5 in / 29.2 cm
  • Track width: 16.5 in / 41.9 cm
  • Axle clearance: 5 in / 12.7 cm

1 year on fabric parts, 5 years on plastic parts, lifetime of trailer on durable frame parts.