Busch and Muller IXON IQ Speed Secondary LED Bike Headlight with Helmet Mount

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Mount a second IXON IQ Speed LED Bike Headlight to your head or your helmet without adding a second battery pack.

With the secondary headlight, you get twice the light output — 130 lumens from each light. That’s up to 260 lumens in the high-power mode. Yes, we’ve done the math.

Busch and Muller’s reflector system concentrates the light where you need it most, and with the secondary light where you also need it most.

Handlebar mount included.

The secondary light is also available without the helmet mount.

Are you just looking for the Helmet Mount with Head Strap for Ixon IQ Speed (without the secondary light)?

  • The best road illumination in compliance with the European road-safety rules (with only one LED)
  • Comfort and safety electronics with an efficiency of over 90%
  • Weight: 85 gr / 3 oz (excluding battery)
  • Output: 130 lumens / 50 lux
  • Battery Life: 5 Hours in high-power mode, 25 hours in city eco-mode — with two lights running.
  • Battery Not Included
    Busch and Muller lights have a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.