Busch and Muller Ride & Charge Battery Charger for IXON Bike Headlights

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Charge the batteries in the Busch and Muller IXON and IXON IQ LED Bike Headlight while you ride.

If you use AA NiMH batteries for other devices, you can charge those batteries inside your IXON or IXON IQ as well.

To use this you will need to have:✔ a hub or sidewall dynamo, 6 volt only✔ AA NiMH batteries, and✔ an IXON or IXON IQ Bike Headlight.

The Ride & Charge will not charge any other model of headlight, or any other type of battery. When the Ride & Charge is in use, it diverts all dynamo power to the IXON or IXON IQ. Any other dynamo-powered accessories (such as a tail light) will not work until the Ride & Charge is disengaged. Battery powered accessories will continue working (obviously). A dynamo-and-battery powered tail light, such as Busch and Muller 4DToplight Senso will operate whether or not the Ride & Charge is engaged.

Got that?

  • If you go on a long tours and need lights along always-charged batteries for a variety of situations, an IXON IQ is a great addition to a dynamo lighting system.
  • Charge the IXON IQ during the day and use it with your dynamo lights when you really need to shine. The IXON IQ also works great as a general purpose flashlight or reading light.
  • Approximately 440 mA at 12 mph / 20 km/h
  • This is not a “Smart Charger”
  • Do not overcharge the batteries. If the batteries feel hot, disengage the Ride & Charge.
    Busch and Muller lights have a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects.