Carry Freedom City Bike Cargo Trailer

Make bike travel easy with the Carry Freedom City . The Carry Freedom City Bike Trailer is a favorite among those who like to travel with their bike. The City is lightweight, versatile, and folds easily for compact storage. Your gear can be loaded in the courier bag, and an additional bag can be loaded and secured on top using the outer frame as a platform. When off the bike, the hitch arm acts as a luggage arm, for easy navigation through busy airports or train stations. The hitch arm also has an adjustable height mechanism to adjust to the wheel size of any bike. The 70 Liter courier bag has reflective piping and heavy duty water-resistant nylon edging. The bag can be reinforced with your favorite coating for ensured waterproofness in rainy climates. The bag also acts as a nice duffel or sling style bag when removed from the trailer frame. The City is not limited to travel use, but also works well for touring, commuting, and picking up groceries. Check out a review of the Carry Freedom City on Tour.

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