Chariot Bike Trailer Accessory Cross Bar





Snap Chariot’s latest accessories on and off the new Accessory Cross Bar.

Attach the Accessory Cross Bar to your 2013 and older Chariot CX1, CX2, Cougar1, Cougar2, Cheetah1 or Cheeth2 trailer to easily add extra convenience accessories for strolling or jogging.

This Cross Bar allows you to easily switch between Chariot’s new Cargo Rack, Handlebar Console and the Accessory MultiMount so you can customize your trailer to your needs.

*Please Note: The 2014 and Newer Thule Chariot Cheetah 1, Cheetah 2, Cougar 1 Cougar 2 and CX 1 as well as the 2013 and Newer Chariot Chinook 1, Chinook 2 and CX 2 have an accessory cross bar built into them as a standard part. There is no need to purchase this additional accessory to use the various accessories for cross bar.

  • Fits Chariot Carriers Cross Country Series
    Warranty Details: Limited-lifetime warranty on frame and one-year warranty on fabric and hitch. Warranty does not include wheels and tires, is only valid in the country in which the product was purchased, and applies only to the original owner.