Chariot Bike Trailer Strolling Kit-Wheels Only-Old Models

A strolling kit is a safe and fun way to introduce your newborn or infant to your Chariot bike child trailer. Strolling Kits that come with wheels only include two easy-turning 8″ wheels that attach to the Versa Wings of your trailer. When you are not using the strolling feature, the wheels can easily be flipped up into the chassis of the trailer. The Chariot Bike Trailer Strolling Kit – Wheels Only – Older Models should be purchased for the following trailers: Cheetah 1 & 2 – model year 2006 and older Cougar 1 & 2, CX 1 & 2 – model year 2005 and older Cabriolet and Corsaire – model year 2006 and older. [If you already have handlebars from the jogging kit] Download the Strolling Kit – Wheels Only Instruction Manual. If your trailer does not fall into one of these categories, please consult our Strolling Kit Selection Guide (at the top of the page) to determine which strolling kit will work with your trailer.

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This product has been discontinued.