Chrome Brigadier Bike Backpack

Bring along the Brigadier and have the ultimate travel companion. Hop onto the plane with the bag on your back, or check it at the door as a duffel bag. Either way, it’s comfortable to carry, has room enough for the kitchen sink, and is ready to withstand the rigors of travel. The Brigadier leads the way as the large and in charge travel bag of choice.

The Brigadier has a mondo carrying capacity, but doesn’t have to be packed to maximum capacity. The convenient 4-point compression straps allow you to unload, and still ride comfortably with the remaining gear tightly secured down. On the flip side, you can really pack the bag to the brim, literally. You can expand the roll-top closure, and stuff, and stuff, and stuff the bag until it’s towering to it’s full height. Then, add a little more with the secret side pocket that opens up for a lap top or other equally stealth item.

Traveling is the Brigadier’s specialty, but it also enjoys commuting, grocery shopping, and long walks on the beach. Made to last with strong materials and a smart design, the Brigadier will go as far as you dare to adventure.

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This product has been discontinued.