CoPilot Limo Bike Child Seat

Comfortable, Sturdy and Full of Smiles Looking for a well built, comfortable, easily removable child seat for you bike, then look no further then the CoPilot Limo. The CoPiloit Limo has been specifically designed to easily slide on and off of a rear bicycle rack. No longer are the days of a permanently attached child seat. The Copilot Limo allows you to simply slide it off the rack when you don’t need to carry children, leaving you with a fully functional rear cargo rack. Aside from being easy to take on or off the CoPilot Limo is full of creature comforts. The child seating are is lined with contoured foam padding as well as a padded gel seat to keep your child relaxed and comfortable. The CoPilot has adjustable foot rests for varying heights including Velcro straps to keep your child’s feet secure. The three point adjustable harness is complimented by the padded folding grab bar. The grab bar is a great place for you child to hang onto and it adds an extra level of security. The back rest can recline forward and backward for maximum fit and comfort. All CoPilots come with a high quality Blackburn EX-1 tubular aluminum rack that will mount to almost any bike.

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This product has been discontinued.