Croozer Dog Bike Trailer

Bring Your Dog Along. The Croozer Dog bike trailer is a great way to transport your dog. The Croozer Dog is designed to transport dogs up to 100lbs by bicycle or walking with the included stroller kit. The Croozer Dog provides a fully enclosed and well ventilated seating area for your dog. Built on a sturdy steel frame, the Croozer Dog has a hard plastic floor for easy cleanup, and the frame folds flat in seconds. The ventilated seating area unzips completely to allow larger dogs to get in an out without a wrestling match. There are two internal eyelets where you can attach a shortened leash. This will keep them secure while they enjoy the ride, and your company. View the Croozer Dog instruction manual. (Requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0+)

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This product has been discontinued.