Croozer Travel Bike Cargo Trailer

Some Time To Travel. The Croozer Travel Trailer is a sturdy two wheeled flatbed trailer that works great for both travel and local use. The Croozer Travel features peripheral railing around the bed. This railing keeps loads in place and provides excellent attachment points for strapping items down. Another feature of the Croozer Travel is its innovative folding system. The wheels are easily removed by pushing on the hub buttons. The wheels are then stowed within the trailers cargo area by inserting the axles into the mounting holes in the trailer bed. The hitch arm can be folded back against the bottom of the trailer. The trailer is quickly converted into a very stow able, transportable size. The rear of the trailer also has two luggage rollers. This allows for the trailer to be pulled as a luggage trolley, using the hitch arm as a handle. View the Croozer Travel instruction manual. (Requires Adobe Acrobat 4.0+)

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This product has been discontinued.