E173-Vario Fixation Strap


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Mounting InstructionsTo attach the fixation strap to your QL2 Vario you are going to need two tools: a 12mm wrench and a flathead screwdriver, medium width.

First, hang the pannier from your rack and find out where you are going to need your hook located. Slide the rubber strap through the appropriate gap on the lower back of your Vario, make sure your hook is facing out.

Second, take your 12mm wrench and slide it over the middle nut on the inside of your bag behind the zipper mesh pouch, at the same time unscrew and remove the black center screw. Next, slide the fixation tie down under the upper mounting rail, align the holes of the Velcro and the fixation tie down, reattach the black screw, and don’t fully tighten.

Slide the rubber strap into the tie down and make sure everything is where you want it. Hand tighten the black screw and your are finished.

  • Stretchable rubber strap
  • Fully Adjustable for different racks

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