E175-QL3 Rack Mounting Set

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The QL3 attachment system mounts to the right or left side of your rack. This component is fully adjustable both for heal clearance and angle of your bag. Ortlieb’s commuter bags that utilize the QL3 system, the Ortlieb Downtown and Ortlieb Office series, now have a much smooth backing plate making them more comfortable to carry.

The upper mounting clips have an auto lock so the bag stays securely mounted to the rack, simply pull the handle up to unlock the clips. The QL2 system is not compatible with the QL3 system and cannot be modified to accept the new components.

  • Comfortable single-handed operation
  • Automatic closing and opening of the hooks by lifting the pannier handle
  • Fixing rail van be mounted on the left or right side and optionally on horizontal or vertical bars of rack
  • Sufficient legroom due to variable height and angle
  • Lower hook rotatable in 360 degrees for individual adjustment to various racks
  • Horizontal rack top remains free for baskets, trunkbags etc.
  • Additional mounting sets available for attaching bags to other bikes
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