ESGE Double Kickstand


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Double up your kickstand with an ESGE!

This Unique, Swiss-made, heavy-duty, twin kickstand provides very stable support because of its double leg design.

The kickstand clamps to your chainstays (or mounts to a kickstand plate) directly behind the bottom bracket. Both legs fold up along the non-drive side of the bicycle. The ESGE kickstand is especially useful when using a single wheeled trailer such as a Bob Trailer or an Extra wheel. With an ESGE it is a breeze to park your bike and trailer as well as mount or dismount your trailer from your bicycle.

We highly recommend this kickstand for all sorts of uses where a strong stable base for your bike comes in handy. The ESGE is a must have for tandems whether or not they are pulling trailers. It is great on touring bicycles loaded with racks and panniers. For commuter and utility bikes, this kickstand eliminates hassles associated with loading and parking.

The ESGE comes in one size that fits most bicycle sizes, 29er bottom brackets are often too tall and the legs to not reach.

Note that we only recommend the ESGE kickstand for mounting to steel bicycle frames.  Even with steel bicycle frames, not all frames have a good spot behind the bottom bracket, through the majority do.  Mounting the ESGE kickstand can require some trial and error.

  • Available in silver.
  • Comes in oversize length for height customization
  • Solid cast aluminum design.
  • Spring loaded for secure opening and closing
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 22 ounces
  • Maximum Load: 25kg / 55.1lbs

Pletscher offers a 36 month manufacturers warranty on the ESGE double kickstand.