Extrawheel Expert Panniers

Expect Excellence from the Extrawheel Expert Panniers The Extrawheel Expert Panniers are made to hold a ton of cargo, and mount easily to the Extrawheel Voyager trailer. With the twice secured roll system and cap lid, along with the waterproof Cordura fabric, items stay clean and dry through all your travels. The Extrawheel Expert Panniers are just as rugged as the Extrawheel Voyager, and can go anywhere you go. The included side pocket attaches with buckles and straps, and can be replaced with items like a small sleeping bag or ground pad. The large capacity of these bags makes it easier to travel self-supported on more agressive terrain. Crush the trail like an expert with the Extrawheel Expert Panniers. (Sold as a pair of panniers)

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This product has been discontinued.