Extrawheel Voyager Bike Trailer

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Choose a fork to fit your bicycle


Choose the quick release to fit your bicycle's rear wheel. For rear wheel's with a nutted axle, Extrawheel Solid Axle Nuts is required instead. For rear wheel's with a solid through axle, a Robert Axle is required instead.


Extrawheel Voyager Trailer Wheel Tire & Tube – optional

Include a wheel with your purchase. Or you can supply your own front wheel.


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Single-Wheeling Trailer! Now Available for 29ers!

The Extrawheel Voyager is an incredible single wheel trailer design. Unlike other trailers, the cargo is propped on either side of a full size wheel. This unique placement allows the load to be placed along the the center point of the wheel for tighter turning clearances and a shorter overall profile. The cargo also sits with the center of gravity below the axle of the wheel to keep the wheel pressed firmly against the ground rather than bouncing when riding over rough terrain.

The Voyager is light, sturdy, and extremely compact, designed specifically for transporting an extra set of panniers. The minimalist design makes it easy to pack with all of your bike gear. Almost any style panniers can be used with the Voyager including our Ortlieb Panniers and Vaude Panniers. Loads should be packed evenly with heavier items towards the bottom.

Another advantage to the Voyager is riding with an extra full-sized wheel. The Extrawheel Voyager can also be used with a large variety of front wheels. We offer the option of purchasing the Extrawheel Voyager without a wheel so you can outfit the trailer with a matching wheel. This can come in handy if you need to swap out your front wheel in an emergency situation. The Extrawheel can function with a bent, damaged rim much better than your bicycle can.

Mounting the Extrawheel:The Extrawheel’s mounting fork is made from high tension steel. The fork fits to the Extrawheel’s frame by tensioning firmly over the engagement points. The Extrawheel includes a rear quick release to mount to the rear wheel of your bicycle. The Extrawheel’s fork mounts to a bicycle by spreading it over the Extrawheel’s quick release. The fork snaps into place over the fitted ends of the quick release and is held in place by the fork’s spring tension. The width that the fork spreads open is adjustable to fit variations in bicycle’s rear axle widths. The Voyager trailer also includes 3/8 x 26 Extrawheel nuts to fit the fork.View Bike Trailer Blog’s Instruction’s for Assembling the Extrawheel Voyager.

  • Great solution for touring/commuting with bicycles that don’t have rack mounting points
  • Carry a third set of panniers when you already have front and rear on your bicycle, increasing carry capacity
  • Large one wheel design tracks directly behind you and rolls over objects more easily
  • Use lightweight or heavyweight wheel for different conditions
  • Standard fork mounts to bicycles with 26″ or 700c wheels
  • Long (29er) fork mounts to bicycles with “29er” tires, European 28″ wheels and also offers extra clearance for fenders for use with standard sized front wheels.
  • Wide (Pugsley) fork offers extra width for clearance around Surley Pugsley tires.
  • Includes choice of Extrawheel nuts or Extrawheel quick release
  • 1 Flag
  • 1 Fender and components
  • Wheel with tire is optional and available in 26″ or 700c sizes
  • Cargo Area: Holds 2 Panniers
  • Overall Length: 52″
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs
  • Carrying Capacity: 66 lbs
  • Front Wheel Size: 26″ or 700c
  • Trailer Dropout Width: 100mm
  • CroMoly and Hardened spring steel

Extrawheel offers a manufacturers warranty 12 months from the date of purchase.