Hutchinson Serenity Commuting Tire

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100% puncture-proof urban tire

Yes, You read that right. The Hutchinson Serenity Tire is 100% flat free. An Urban Tour + tire is combined with a solid aerospace material tube. The tube contains no air, but the physical characteristics of the material feel like a pneumatic tire without a huge weight sacrifice.

Tire combined with a 100% flat-proof insert. The Serenity concept is 100% puncture-proof. It consists of a tire combined with a solid, comfortable insert in micro-cellular rubber. There is no inner tube, and so no inflating or maintenance. This real revolution makes it a puncture-proof tire. This tire + insert system has been specially developed for totally worry-free 100% urban use. No more punctures and no more need for pumps or patches, totally worry-free cycling.

We do recommend taking these tire to your local approved Hutchinson retailer for installation as they can be a bit of a bear to install.

  • Absolutely flat-proof
  • Safer night cycling
  • Never need to inflate your tires
  • 5000 miles usage
  • 6 Euro cities have adopted the Serenity Caen, Dijon, Perpignan, Antwerp, Barcelona and Saragossa