Mission Workshop Rambler Bike Backpack

I can go for miles and miles…

Look up Ultimately Rugged Bag in the dictionary, and you’ll find a picture of the Mission Workshop Rambler Backpack, along with his bigger brother the Vandal. The Rambler is made up of waterproof 1000 denier Cordura fabric, reinforced with a waterproof, rip stop internal liner, in addition to the thick outer urethane coat. Talk about layering up for inclement weather! For carrying tons of gear in any weather condition, the Rambler certainly fits the bill.

The feature that makes the Rambler and it’s other Mission Backpack cohorts stand out is the expandable front pocket. This is no small expansion either, zip open that puppy and double the volume. Double! So go ahead and stop by the store on your way home for that unexpected grocery run or pick up that last minute birthday gift. You’ll have room to spare, and have enough space for all you need or would want to carry on your back.

Mission is well known for their multi-use features, and this model certainly extends to the Rambler. The top closure has the oh-so-Mission feature of the standard buckle and flap top which converts to a roll-top when additional waterproofing is necessary. The carbon fiber frame gives rigidity to the bag without weighing it down, while the cushioned mesh back and shoulder straps offer comfort and airflow. So, in a nutshell: carries lots, lasts a lifetime, get one.

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This product has been discontinued.