Mission Workshop Rummy Bike Messenger Bag

Sturdy, dependable, and won’t leave you by yourself in a rainstorm, the Rummy is the perfect riding companion for carrying lots of gear, no matter what the weather condition.

By combining a completely weatherproof, 1000 denier Cordura fabric bag, with high quality construction, and a touch of rugged, handmade love, you’ve got yourself the Mission Rummy. This do anything, go anywhere bag can show off most anywhere, while keeping sensitive equipment like laptops safe inside the urethane coated zipper pocket. Whether you’re a bike messenger, a student, or a professional, a sleek looking bag with a rugged design is always the way to go.

The Rummy offers great fit in addition to function. The reversible shoulder strap allows you to change shoulders, depending on what’s comfortable. One handed adjustable Aluminum hardware is also a nice benefit for those on the fly, drop by, can’t quite say, “hi” moments. The Rummy is ready, are you?

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This product has been discontinued.