Mission Workshop Vandal Bike Backpack

The Vandal is bigger than American Idol and twice as tough as Clint Eastwood. Great for supporting the postal service’s creed of “through snow, or rain, or heat of day” the Vandal is fit for all weather conditions. With the heavy-duty waterproof fabric, industrial pockets with rip-stop liners, and thick, urethane coated YKK zippers, you and your gear can brave any biking or hiking adventure with confidence.

And yes, size does matter, at least when it comes to carrying a lot of gear. The Vandal has generous proportions to begin with, but the stealthy expanding zipper pocket doubles the bag size for mondo carrying capacity. That’s right, with the pull of a zipper, you instantly have twice as much space to bring along that monstrous bio book or to pack up for a last minute camping trip.

Mission set the standard for quality products, and the Vandal is no exception. From the top of the Velcro flap with convertible roll top closure to the bottom of the reinforced fabric and angular design for standing on its own, the Vandal is just the high-quality backpack you’ve been looking for. Even with the Vandal’s devilishly good looks and multiple color options, it is what’s on the inside that counts. The carbon fiber internal frame offers ultimate comfort without compromising your back with added weight. The Vandal certainly steals the show when it comes to carrying lots of gear, pick one up before it disappears.

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This product has been discontinued.