OMM Cold Springs Rear Rack

The Original Rear Rack An oldie-but-goody, the Cold Springs Rear Rack is the OMM original rack. Known for it’s good quality design and durability, this rack hasn’t changed since 1996. The wide, laser-cut top plate lets you load up with gear and maintain strength and stability. Discouraged you don’t have rear dropout eyelets? No worries, this rack easily mounts to your bike with an extra long quick release skewer and attaches to either your brake bosses or seat stays. The Cold Springs Rear Rack fits most any bike including rear suspension bikes and bikes with disc brakes. You can also outfit your Surly Pugsley bike with the Pugsley version of the Cold Springs Rear Rack. This size rack will work as either a front rack or a rear rack on the Pugsley. You can’t beat that kind of versatility. For the ultimate off-road excursion, combine this rack with the Cold Springs Front Rack. View the Old Man Mountain mounting instructions.

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This product has been discontinued.