Ortlieb Bike Box 2 Rack-Top Case

Multi-functionalism and professionalism combine with the Ortlieb rack top cases. The Ortlieb Bike Box 2 is the sleek, trunk style case which yields a waterproof, weatherproof protection outside with multiple organization capabilities inside. Made to fit in with the work environment on the weekdays, and equipped for off road use on the weekends, the Box is an all around great case. The Bike Box 2 attachment includes the Ortlieb rack adapter system. This system allows you to use the Bike Box 2 in conjunction with other panniers. You can also utilize the mounting system on alternative racks which don’t have lateral supporters. Bring out the full suspension bike with the seat post mounted rack, and crush the trails with your Bike Box 2. The main compartment utilizes the TIZIP zipper which increases the ruggedness of the Bike Box. Able to withstand any weather condition, you can take it anywhere. If your commute is speckled with inclement weather, you can rest assured that none of your gear will get wet. When security is an issue, reach for your included combination lock which locks your bag shut right at the TIZIP zippers. Ultimate duality for the versatile biker, pick up the Bike Box 2.

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This product has been discontinued.