Ortlieb Bike Shopper Pannier – Closeout

Let's go Shopping! A pannier specifically made for convenient grocery shopping and commuting, the Ortlieb Bike Shopper is quite spacious with a tall design, made to maximize your space. A perfect way for you to integrate biking with your daily shopping routine to the farmer's market or supermarket. The Shopper utilizes the QSC Quick Seal Closure which seals your bag tightly with the water proof zipper to protect your groceries in any weather. For maintaining usability of the QSC, use the included lubricant from time to time. The attachment system is the patented Ortlieb QL2 system which is adjustable laterally to provide heel clearance for tall riders, or just to create a unique fit onto your rack. This system allows fast mounting and dismounting from your rack for seamless shopping with the ultimate reusable . The bag features an elliptical, rotating, lower hook rail, and an edge protector for fixing the ORTLIEB carrying system (optional accessory),which also increases the bag's stability. The carrying straps are adjustable, and the bag can also be carried casually as shoulder bag. For biking, the straps are adjusted to there shortest position and fixed by means of snaps. View the Ortlieb Bike Shopper's Instruction Manual (requires Adobe Acrobat).

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This product has been discontinued.