Ortlieb Office Bag 2 Rack-Top Case

Save some gas, ride to class! Bike commuting just got easier. The quality design of the Ortlieb Office Bag 2 will keep anyone organized and ready to succeed. Ever shown up to a business meeting with wet or wrinkled documents? Not anymore, this sleek rack-top case is ready to handle whatever mother nature throws at you on your way to the office. The hard polycarbonate exterior is durable and stylish. The removable laptop insert keeps your computer protected from damage. A waterproof 2-way TIZIP zipper seals out moisture and unwanted hands with an integrated combination lock. The internal organizer has a plethora of smaller pockets to keep your stuff neat. The briefcase style carrying handle allows for convenient handling off the bike and in the office. The included rack adapter makes connecting to your bike a quick snap. Bottom feet keep the case from tipping if you set it down. The optional padded strap makes it so nice to just hop off your bike and sling the Office Bag 2 over your shoulder. Trade stop-and-go traffic for fresh air and freedom, bike to work! Whether you are an intern, middle management or CEO, the Office-Bag 2 is an obvious choice for moving and shaking.

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This product has been discontinued.