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If you want a bag for the top of your rack, reach for the Ortlieb Trunk Bag. The Trunk Bag has the volume of a small pannier, with aggressive features and the typical Ortlieb high-quality engineering. Great as a commuter bag, the Trunk Bag can easily be used for your lunch and a nice wind shell, with room to spare. The Trunk Bag is completely waterproof and utilizes a TIZIP main zipper for the resilient caliber and ultimate weather protection.

The innovative Ortlieb rack adapter mounting system also comes in handy for adding a trunk bag to your touring pannier set. The rack adapter has lower rails that attach to your current rack which allow you to mount your panniers lower while attaching the Trunk Bag by clicking it securely to the top.

The Trunk-Bag is available with the Ortlieb adapter system for Rack-Lock which fits almost any rack with width from 60-160mm.

  • Mounting System: Trunk Bag/Basket Rack-Lock Adapter
    • Manufactured from a fiber-reinforced high-tech, anti-scratch thermoplastic that is extremely strong and durable, and in many tests can be stronger than metal parts.
    • Integrated lock mechanism secures bag to the rack.
      • Includes key.
    • Allows for easy and quick removal of bag.
    • Mounts to rack rails from 8mm to 16mm diameter.
    • Compatible with all standard racks from 60mm to 160mm wide.
      • Requires rack with parallel top rails.
      • Mounting width is adjusted with a 3mm allen key.
  • Fabric: PS21R – Cordura, PU Coated “Gravel”
    • Highly rated tear and abrasion resistance.
    • Use of high frequency welding to meet the highest of waterproofing specifications.
    • Used throughout Ortlieb’s bikepacking lineup.
    • As compared to the “Classic” PD620 fabric, it is lighter in weight and more flexible especially is cold weather, yet it is still very tough.
    • Includes a rip stop attribute for extra durability in off-road conditions.
    • Highly durable, polyurethane waterproof inner layer.
  • Dust & Water Proofness Rating: IP 67
    • 6 = Dust proof, no penetration of dust..
    • 7 = Protected against penetration of water during temporary immersion (depth of lower edge of product = 39″, duration 30 minutes).
  • Includes adjustable padded shoulder strap for carrying the Trunk Bag off of the bicycle.
  • Two outer side zipper neoprene pockets.
  • Highly reflective 3M Scotchlite patches on rear of Trunk Bag.
  • Compatible with all standard racks from 60 to 160 mm width.
  • Ortlieb patented TIZIP zipper main pocket.
  • Internal zipper storage pocket.
  • Bike light attaches to rear loop.

Compare the primary feature sets across all Ortlieb Bags on our Ortlieb Feature Page

  • H x W x D: 20cm x 33cm x 18cm / 7.9″ x 13″ x 7.1″
  • Weight: 1080g / 38.1oz
  • Volume Capacity: 8L / 4.88 cu in
  • Weight Capacity: 10kg / 22lbs

All Ortlieb Bags are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

Please see our Warranty page for the details of our warranty process.

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Joseph O.

Ortlieb trunk bag

Great - easy set up on my rear rack. Easy to snap on and off.

John Kolm

Ortlieb Trunk Bag - 2017

Costs more, does less, doesn't fit properly.

Do-n't buy this. Go with the earlier model. This bag comes not with the mounting system and side-bag rails that the cheaper earlier model has, but with four silly little plastic clips that snap into your own rear carrier and are operated with a ****** tiny cheap plastic dongle that you will lose or break on the very first trip. The bag also hangs over most pannier carriers in such as way that it's now impossible to attach your Ortlieb side bags.

What a dumb innovation. You can just hear the Ortlieb accountants saving money on you while charging you more. I've returned this thing and gone with the old design, but this pretty much ends my blind faith in Ortlieb design. How disappointing.

Eric T. MacKnight

Ortlieb Trunk Bag

Very well designed; watertight; zipper extension makes it possible to fit items that are a bit larger into the bag. Great for my lunch, or for cans, jars, etc. when I go shopping, or for that hot deli takeout box that you don't want sloshing around in your panniers. Rack mount is pretty easy (though you may need reading glasses to parse the instructions) and solid. I leave mine on the bike, locked. Reflective patches really light up. Very happy with this purchase.

Elwood Shaull

Ortlieb Trunk Bag

The assembly directions are not what I have come to expect from Ortlieb. They clearly show the attachment of the base to the bike rack without nuts , and , in fact, nuts are NOT included in the parts. Once I concluded I had to use nuts to install, everything went well and I am satisfied with the quality of the bag. The base piece that attaches to the rack is rather heavy. I believe a more conventional strap attachment would have been more practical. With the base you can remove the bag quickly, but I doubt I am going to be taking the bag off and on enough for it to be of much use.