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Power Up your Mobile Devices

The Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro E charges your devices while you ride. Wait, What? The Ultimate 6 Pro- M E uses an electric hub to turn your pedal power into battery life for your phone or headlight! Now you’ll never lose those Strava KOMs!

The main compartment is subdivided and includes a zippered internal valuables pocket and a key-holder snap hook. Padded removable Velcro dividers allow flexible positioning. The waterproof handlebar bag can be carried with the removable shoulder strap.

Electricity generated by the hub dynamo is provided for charging mobile devices inside the bag or for operating devices such as GPS inside the transparent lid. A transformer (available separately) converts the AC voltage provided by the hub dynamo into electric power for mobile end devices. The converter may be positioned outside the bag (e.g. Busch + Muller light “Luxos U Lumotec IQ2” or Supernova “The Plug”) or inside (e.g. Busch + Muller “E-Werk”). As the bag is taken off the mounting, contact points automatically separate. The Ultimate 6 Pro E is supplied with a special mounting block with cables for universal connection.

  • Suitable for handlebars up to 31.8 mm. (not for carbon handle bars)
  • Compatible with the Klickfix system by Rixen & Kaul
  • 3M Scotchlite reflector
  • Large outer mesh pocket (not waterproof)
  • Velcro closure
  • External base loops for straps
  • Max. capacity 3 kg
  • Compatible with Map Case and Mobile Guide
  • Dimensions: 8.3″ x 9.3″ x 5.5″ (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 800 g / 28.8 oz
  • Volume: 7L / 427 cu.in.
    All Ortlieb products are backed by a 5-year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

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Peter H.

Wrong idea for me

I have a perfectly good handlebar bag made by a Canadian company. I thought I would give the Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro-M E bag a try because I have a dynamo front hub hooked up to a Sinewave connection in my headset, thinking it would make it easier to charge the battery I carry in the bag while I was riding - boy was I wrong! Besides purchasing the bag you also have to purchase the special wiring attachments that will let you plug your own usb wires into the Sinewave and into the battery. The bag costs extra because of the wiring they have running through the bag, but then I had to shell out another $24.99 for two simple wire connections to make the whole thing work. On top of all that, after a couple of weeks of riding the wires that are used to hold the bag (which had pretty much nothing in it except a sandwich) onto the bar would not hold tight enough to keep the bag from rotating down and covering my front light - I tried retightening it and it just kept rotating down. I have a Jones H-bar and there is no stem to wrap the wires around like they say to do in the instructions, so that might have been part of my problem with that. Anyway, the construction on the bag is fine and I have seen and talked to many other people who have the same bag, but without the electronics hookup parts and like it. I would say do not spend the extra money this bag costs (plus the cost of the extra wires). Just get a regular bag. Anybody what to buy an Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro-M E bag? - I got one to sell.

Bryan Mason

Ortlieb Ultimate 6 Pro-M E

This bag has been great so far. It was a replacement for an Ortlieb Ultimate 5 Classic, which had served me well for many years. What I really like about the Ultimate 6 Pro is the velcro dividers (so that all my stuff stays in place), the magnetic closures (the snaps on the Ultimate 5 Classic were always a bit of a hassle), and the fact that the lock now locks the cover in place (thus protecting what's inside the bag). I haven't had a chance to wire up the bag to my dynamo, but that'll come soon. The only downside to this bag that I've found is that it's a bit of a hassle to slip things into the windowed compartment on top. And once I get my Android phone in there, I think it's going to be nearly impossible to hit the button to turn it on if it shuts off (although this wouldn't be an issue with iPhones where the home button also turns the phone on).