Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt LED Bike Headlight

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A great value. Blaze One-Watt LED is twice as bright as a half-watt LED. If you’re not good a math, you’ll have to trust us on that.

Get terrific visibility, and in the flash mode get the attention of motorists.

And as long as we’re doing advanced math, the Blaze 2 Watt LED Bike Headlight is twice as bright as this one.

Save when you buy a headlight and tail light set: Planet Bike Blaze 1 Watt / Superflash Light Set.

  • Reinforced alloy midsection
  • High and low power beam along with SuperFlash flashing mode
  • SuperFlash mode is highly visible, even in daylight
  • QuickCam bracket mounts, adjusts or removes in seconds without tools
  • Fits 25.4mm to 31.8mm handlebars
  • High/low/flashing run times of 7/14/20 hours on 2 AA batteries (included)
  • 90 Lumens
    Planet Bike offers a limited lifetime warranty on this product. This includes defects in workmanship and material for the original owner. Warranty does not cover the bulbs or damage du to accident, abuse, or normal wear and tear. Proof of purchase is required.