Rock The Bike-Down Low Glow-Single Tube with Trickle Charger

Glow into the night with a Down Low Glow (DLG) Neon Light System mounted on your Xtracycle, trailer or bicycle. The DLG is a great new way to become highly visible once the sun sets.. The DLG throws down a beautiful cloud of colored light beneath your bike, giving you the sensation of floating on a cloud of color. Inventor Paul Freedman is a long-time Xtracycle owner from the Bay Area. He originally created the DLG to trick out his party bike, the Soul Cycle, but soon noticed that cars cut him a wider berth when his DLG was glowing. The DLG is now marketed as “the only safety product bicyclists can’t wait to use.” Step into the world of Cool Safety with the Down Low Glow!

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This product has been discontinued.