Schwalbe Tube #3-16″ x 1.75-2.5″


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Try out this premium Schwalbe tube on your BOB trailer or other bike cargo trailer with 16″ wheels. The #3 tube is recommended for larger 1.75″ to 2.125″ tire sizes including the BOB Yak and Ibex tires, Schwalbe Marathon 16 x1.75, Maxxis Hookworm and the Schwalbe Big Apple.

This is what Schwalbe has to say about these tubes: “Extremely air-tight! Less air loss means having to inflate less often. Our unique rubber mixture makes it possible. Extremely reliable! Each Schwalbe tube is individually examined twice at the factory to ensure air-tightness. Special quality control that prevents unpleasant surprises.”

We recommend always keeping a few spares around the house as they can be difficult to find in a pinch. It is especially recommended to bring a few for touring and traveling with your bike trailer.

Available in Presta or Schrader. (Choose valve style to match the tubes on your bike.)

For Presta valves, it is recommended that you get the tube with a Presta Valve Stem Saver if using the tube on a rim drilled for Schrader valves such as on the BOB Trailer Wheel.

  • Presta or Schrader valve
  • Rated for 1.75″-2.5″ tire width

Schwalbe wants to make the warranty claim process as simple as possible. After examining the tire or tube in question and assessing it to be a possible warranty situation, please follow these simple steps:

  • Call Schwalbe North America at 1-888-700-5860 to report a possible warranty defect and give the service desk attendant the serial number that is stamped on the inside of the tire (outside of tube)
  • Email a digital photograph of the tire or tube’s problem to our Order Desk
  • IF REQUIRED, obtain a Return Verification Number (RVN) from the service desk attendant. Please note: packages without the RVN will be refused

If your item(s) needs to be returned for inspection, please package them as efficiently as possible and ship via US POST to:


Include the following information with the item that is being shipped back:

  • Your Full Name, Address, and Telephone
  • Where you purchased the tire
  • Tire Style and Size
  • Number of items being returned
  • Return Verification Number (RVN)
  • Description of supposed defect(s)

Upon receipt of the item(s) in question, we inspect, re-mount, and test the product(s). We then notify you of our findings and if the condition is found to be a factory defect, we immediately replace the item in question.