Slime Tube 20″ x 1.75-2.125″


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This SLiME inner tube will fit in any of our 20″ tires.

SLiME tubes come pre-gooped with SLiME Tire Sealant which repeatedly seals punctures up to 1/8 of an inch. This Super Thick version is made from a much thicker, heavier rubber compound, designed to help prevent punctures. Use this tube for desert riding and under other conditions where you’re likely to get a flat.

Available in Schrader valve.

  • Schrader valve
  • Rated for 1.5″-2.125″ tire width
  • SLiME sealant pre-installed

SLiME tire sealants are formulated to not only repair punctures but maintain the integrity of the tubes, tires and wheels they come into contact with. Once SLiME is installed into a tire it goes to work. Each time the tire is in rotation the sealant is forced to the tread area where it is available to immediately treat punctures. When a puncture occurs sealant is lost through the perforation. Over time, the original amount of sealant installed will diminish. Also, the conditions present within the tire will slowly affect the sealant’s chemical composition. Inner tubes treated with SLiME, which are still being used after two years, could be examined and if they are deemed to be in good condition, a small amount of the inner tube formula could be installed to replenish any lost sealant and bring the remaining product back to its normal operating viscosity.