SunRace Threaded Multi-Speed Freewheel


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These threaded multi-speed freewheels from SunRace are compatible with BionX Electric Bike Kits.

If your existing bike already has an ISO thread-on freewheel, you can use it with your BionX kit. If your bike has a 7-, 8-, 9-, or 10-speed hub, purchase one of these freewheels appropriate for your bike.

  • 7-SpeedFreewheel Cogs: 13-28Chain Compatibility: 3/32″
  • 8-SpeedFreewheel Cogs: 13-32Chain Compatibility: 3/32″
  • 9-SpeedFreewheel Cogs: 11-32Chain Compatibility: 9-Speed
  • 10-SpeedFreewheel Cogs: 11-36Chain Compatibility: 10-Speed