Thule Chariot Bike Trailer Alternative Hitch


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This hitch is to be used with the Chariot Cycling kit, It is an alternative to the Thule Chariot Bike Trailer Axle Mount ezHitch that mounts to the axle of the bike.

This hitch is meant to clamp down on the chain stay of bikes that don’t have the option of using the standard cup hitch.

The Chariot Alternative Hitch mounts to the left side of the bike. It clamps to the chain stay about three-quarters of the way back toward the axle. You will want the have the quick release lever facing out and the Lollipop (ball and stem) facing back. The stem portion of the Lollipop goes inside the tow arm of the Chariot Cycling Kit and is mounted with the M6 bolt and nut.

Unlike the standard cup hitch, this entire hitch system is removed from the bike when you disconnected the trailer, leaving no connector parts on the bike.

  • Alternative Hitch
  • “Lollypop” for the end of the Chariot hitch arm