Thule Chariot Bike Trailer Axle Mount ezHitch Upgrade


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Extra Hitch Assembly for Carry Freedom Trailers

Grab an extra hitch assembly to replace a misplaced hitch or to put on another bike. Having an extra hitch makes sharing the load on long trips between two bikes quick and easy. The user-friendly, socket style hitch system fits snugly between your frame and quick release or nutted axle.

The hitch arm utilizes a round end lollipop ball which secures the trailer firmly to your bike, while still allowing movement between the ball and socket for going over rough terrain and harsh angling. Add the Lollipop and Lock Pin for the complete EZ-Hitch system.

Axle Mount ezHitch instructions


Chariot Carriers warranties the hitch assembly for 1 year after the original purchase.

  • Compatible with Carry Freedom Trailers and Chariot Child Trailers
  • Compatible with quick release and nutted axles