Thule Chariot Jogging Brake Kit 1.0

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More Stopping Power

The Chariot Jogging Brake Kit 1.0 provides increased stopping power when you are using a jogging kit option on your Chariot child trailer. The jogging brake kit utilizes a hand brake that mounts on your handlebars in order to provide you with easy access to the brake lever. Jogging brake kits are especially useful in situations where you need to control your speed, such as when you have a loaded child trailer or you are jogging on hilly terrain.

The Chariot Jogging Brake Kit 1.0 fits either 1 or 2 child trailers. The brake kit comes pre-assembled to use on single child trailers and can easily be adjusted with a few tools to fit two-seater child trailers. Once the brake kit is adjusted to the trailer, it can easily be removed and reattached to the trailer using a quick release mechanism without adjusting the width.Compatible with these Chariot carriers:

Sports and Touring Models:

<!– PREVIOUS COMPATIBILITY BLOCKThe Chariot Jogging Brake Kit 1.0 is compatible with all Chariot CTS trailers with either Versa Wing 1.0 or 2.0 that are model year 1997 and newer. The Chariot CTS trailers include the Chariot Cheetah 1, Cheetah 2, Cougar 1, Cougar 2, CX 1, CX 2, Cabriolet, and Corsaire XL.–>Download the Chariot Jogging Brake Kit 1.0 Instruction Manual.

  • 1 complete brake kit assembly includes:
    • 1 brake lever and handlebar clamp
    • 1 brake cable and housing assembly
    • 1 square aluminum tube
    • 4 aluminum rails and mounting pieces
    • 2 locking quick releases
    • 1 brake caliper
    • 1 barrel adjuster
    • 2 brake pads
  • Increased stopping power
  • Quick mounting
  • Length of square tube: 12″
  • Length of each aluminum rail: 8 1/4″
  • Length of brake cable: approx 6′
  • Weight: approx 2 lb.

Warranty Details: Limited-lifetime warranty on frame and one-year warranty on fabric and hitch. Warranty does not include wheels and tires, is only valid in the country in which the product was purchased, and applies only to the original owner.