Tubus/Racktime Rack Straps


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The Tubus/Racktime Rack Strap is meant to attach your load to the top of your carrier. The elastic strap provides safety and security for any size load. The strap is divided into three separate pieces, which attach at the ends and provide greater flexibility for securing loads.

The Tubus/Racktime Rack Strap is the same product as the Racktime Bindit.


Tubus Racks come with a 10-YEAR WARRANTY. Tubus also offers a 3-year Mobile Guarantee. To qualify, send in the registration card that comes with your rack. Tubus will air-mail a replacement rack anywhere in the world if the rack breaks during normal use. This is great peace of mind for cycle tourists traveling to far-off corners of the world.

  • 1 strap set
  • 3 divisions per set
  • 2 plastic clamps on ends of strap
  • Approx: 25″ long