Vaude Offroad 10 + 2 Trunk Bag Frame and Seat Post Mounting Kit

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This trunk bag frame and seat post mounting kit contain all the parts you will need to mount your Vaude Offroad Trunk Bag 10 + 2 or your Vaude Offroad Trunk Bag 7 + 3 to the seat post of your bike. The set includes a luggage rack that accommodates the Vaude 10 + 2 trunk bag or the Vaude 7 + 3 trunk bag, two different seat post clamps: one for seat posts of 25 – 32mm and the other for seat posts of 32mm, and the KlickFix attachment system. The KlickFix system allows for easy attachment and removal of your trunk bag when you leave your bike somewhere. This set is great for a second bike setup if you want to leave the whole frame and seat post mounting kit on the first bike.

    All Vaude items are warrantied against defects in material and workmanship for 3 years from the date of purchase.

  • 1 luggage rack
  • 1 25-32mm seatpost clamp
  • 1 32-36mm seatpost clamp
  • 1 bolt
  • 1 KlickFix adapter
  • Compatible with: Vaude 10 + 2 and Vaude 7 + 3 trunk bags