Vaude Offroad Trunk Bag 10 + 2

Go off road with the expandable 10+2! Want the freedom of riding without the backpack and want to bring your gear? Try this bag! Experience weightless riding and bring your essentials along. Put op to 4 kilos in the Off Road and let your bike do the work. This seat post bag works without a rack and can carry emergency supplies, bike repair tools, extra tubes, a layer and lunch. The included clamps for 25-32 mm and 32-36 mm seatposts will make attachment easy. The KlickFix attachment allow the user click the bag on and off in seconds. Then pull out the removable strap and use Off Road in shoulder bag mode for added convenience. The expandable main compartment goes from 10 to 12 liters in volume so you can bring a little extra. With 2 side compartments you can stow your small stuff and access it easily. A removable zip compartment makes it simple to bring your valuables with you anywhere. A rear safety light attachment and reflective elements help keep you visible while on your bike. Whether going to school, work or play, you will love this handy little bag. The cargo capacity, convenience and rugged construction make it a good addition to any ride. Use the Off Road in conjunction with one of our handlebar bags for more cargo space.

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This product has been discontinued.