Vaude QMR Upper Pannier Mounting Hooks-Non Locking

The Vaude QMR Mounting System is a great way to mount your favorite Vaude pannier to the upper bars of your bike rack. The non-locking quick mount release (QMR) mounting set does not lock itself to the upper bars of your bike rack and can be lifted on and off with ease. To secure the QMR upper pannier mounting hooks to your pannier, you will also need the Vaude QMR Locking Hooks Backing Plate. The attachment screws for the backing plate are included with the non-locking QMR upper pannier mounting hooks. The mounting hooks come as a set of two mounts attached together with a handle that makes for easy access to your pannier. If you want added security on your bike rack, check out the Vaude QMR Upper Pannier Mounting Hooks – Locking.

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This product has been discontinued.