Wandertec Acute Messenger Bag

Finally, Acute Messenger Bag! Not too big, not too small, the Wandertec Acute is juuuust right, made to carry the gear you need in one compact, organized package. With features like dual shoulder wear capabilities, multiple organization pockets inside and out, and additional, removable ditty bags, the Acute is the messenger bag made by cyclists, for cyclists, right here in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The tough fabric, good construction, and small details make the Acute an ideal bag to bring along with you on your commute. A typical problem found with messenger bags is that they can move around during transit. You’re just riding along, and before you know it, your bag is in your lap. No biggie with the Acute. The cross chest stabilizing strap keeps your gear where it needs to be.

Hmmm, I’m not sure you’re convinced yet. Don’t be discouraged if you’re tall, or small, or if you’re one of the many lefties out there. The shoulder strap is extremely adjustable to fit pretty much any size; and remember that cross strap we talked about earlier? Yup, there are attachment loops on both sides of the bag so you can orient the bag over your shoulder of choice. For quick stops, you can undo the stabilizing strap, swing the bag around, grab what you need, buckle up, and head out with confidence that your bag will stay put. Great fit AND function, that’s pretty cool.

With a carrying capacity of 1020 cubic inches, space is usually not an problem, unless you like to keep a wider cycling wardrobe on your person, or are in dire need of a really large lunch. For a little bit more space, consider the Wandertec Obtuse, the Acute’s larger cousin, which will give you an extra 420 cubic inches of capacity for those long days when you need that extra coat and snack pack. For fancy, fun, and functional, pick up the Wandertec Acute.

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This product has been discontinued.