Wandertec Tuba Load Support

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Take A Load Off.

The Wandertec Tuba Load Support bars are designed to give you more flexibility when using the Wandertec Tuba Bike Cargo Trailer. Do you have a project in mind that you need a trailer for? On-the-go gardener or beach side beverages business? The Load Support Bars help you attach a lot of different cargo hauling systems.

Another highly recommended setup using the Wandertec Tuba Load Support bars is to purchase a 48 Gallon Rubbermaid as pictured in the final 3 photos. This is a sturdy lockable container that is sized perfectly for the TUBA. It can be bolted or strapped onto the TUBA loadbed and makes for a great overall setup.

The Tuba Load Support Bars com ready to easily install on to the Tuba frame!

    Wandertec products have a 5 yr warranty on frame and hitch and, and 1 yr on components.

  • 2 load bars
  • Hardware