Weber Monoporter Hitch Kit

The Weber Monoporter Hitch Kit can be permanently installed on your bike so you can grab your Weber Monoporter Bike Cargo Trailer and hit the road whenever the moment is right!

The hitch kit is installed on the rear dropouts of your bike’s frame, and the horizontal arms of the trailer are attached directly onto the hitch arms and secured with your wheel’s quick release. The hitch kit comes with three different Weber Monoporter Quick Release Polygons for different types of wheel axels, which provide for precise and stable attachment of the trailer to the bicycle and also help to keep the trailer from twisting in the dropouts. Two shims are also included in the hitch kit, and they are installed between your wheel’s quick release and the hitch pieces to keep everything secure. If you find that your wheel’s quick release is not long enough to accommodate the correct polygon, the hitch arms, and the shims, you should consider the Weber Monoporter Long Quick Release.

The Weber Monoporter Hitch Kit is compatible with most bicycle frames and is very easy to install.

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This product has been discontinued.